Hey girl!


I’m Sahar, a life coach (with 10yrs+ experience), an online business strategist and I became a multi-passionate entrepreneur in the thick of having my 4 kids.

Since beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I've founded the Earth and Spoon wellness blog for busy women who want simple, healthy whole food recipes, launched an ethical, 100% organic and sustainable clothing line and created Pin to Profit Blueprint, an online course that teaches you how to drive traffic and boost sales with Pinterest.

I’m on a mission to help you take the leap and become a successful business owner through starting, selling and scaling your business without sacrificing family (spoiler, it's more than possible ;) ).

My Story 


When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I made the decision to quit my full time job as a Finance Manager and stay at home. I had a personal conviction to look after my kids full time while they were still little, but it also didn’t make sense to me that the majority of my salary was going to childcare costs. I didn't feel like it was worth it for me.


A few years down the line, I began to feel the itch to create something that could help others and contribute to my family financially since we were on one income at the time. I realised I had a gift for creating healthy habits and recipes that worked for my family and I wanted to help other women look after their health and their families, so I created a wellness blog called Earth and Spoon. 


"Pinterest is now my #1 source of traffic to my website & I have over 2 Million monthly views on the platform! It’s my absolute joy to teach other mumpreneurs and boss girls how I did it."



I started it as a side hustle and had no intention of growing it past that, coz deep down inside, I wasn’t afraid of failure, it was the opposite actually. I was terrified of success, because I knew I would succeed, but I didn’t know what my life would look like and… what kind of person or mother would I become with a full throttle, 'life consuming' business?!


Having volunteered 10 years serving a disadvantaged, low income community as a life coach and pastor, I knew I was put on this earth to empower and equip women to become all that they were meant to be.


So I changed my perspective. If I was gonna make a go of impacting and serving other women on a massive scale then I had to get serious about creating a sustainable, profitable business on my terms and I wanted to do it in a way that allowed me to still be present with my family.


Well, that decision definitely manifested in my life because not too long after that, I discovered Pinterest as a platform to grow traffic to my wellness blog and it completely transformed my business -and my life!


Not only did Pinterest increase traffic to my website by over 300% in less than 90 days, Pinterest is now my #1 source of traffic to my website and I currently have over 2 Million monthly views on the platform! It’s my absolute joy to teach other mumpreneurs and boss girls how I did it. Coz if you’re able to have consistent traffic coming to your doorstep (for one hour a week mind you), and turn them into paying customers on autopilot, then you can get back your time, create an income and impact lives with your unique gifts all while being a present mama. Does it get better than that?!

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