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Tap Into the Power of Pinterest: Skyrocket Your Traffic and Sales on Autopilot

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The Pin To Profit Blueprint is the ultimate course for creative entrepreneurs looking to harness the enormous potential of Pinterest and grow their online business.

  • Discover strategies to make your pins get noticed by your target audience
  • Learn how to drive massive, high-quality traffic to your website 
  • Master automation techniques to boss Pinterest in 1 day per month
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Sahar is incredible when it comes to using Pinterest and using it to grow your business. As I found out it’s not a social media platform but a search engine. Think Google geared towards women! 😂 Since I started implementing her tips I went from 8K views a month to over 232k now! 😱😱 WHAT?!?!

Hannah Capps

Does this sound familiar?

“It took me a whole year to finally get started and launch my business. When it came to launch day… crickets.”

“Consistently creating content that nobody sees is exhausting at best and devastating at worst.”

“I spend the majority of my week sourcing clients one by one. The problem is the minute I take time off, I get zero new clients and my business suffers.”

“Turning my side hustle into a full-time business is my dream. I just can’t figure out how to make the transition. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong—and it’s not for a lack of trying!!”

“The guilt of not spending time with my family – because I’m spending so much time working on my biz – is starting to weigh heavy on me.”

“I feel like social media platforms penalise us for creating content. It takes so much time and thought to create something only for it to disappear after 24 hours.”

I see you.
        I know how you feel.

Hi, I’m Sahar, and this is my story.

Back in 2016, I was getting ready to launch my wellness blog. I wish someone had told me then that just creating a blog or website doesn’t guarantee that customers would magically appear to buy my services.

I figured if I churned out more content, the Google algorithm would surely rank me higher, and my traffic would soar! Right?!


My content was good. But hardly anyone was seeing it.

 Frustrated, I scoured other options until, one day, I stumbled on Pinterest. I’d heard online marketers talk about how you could get great results with it – but then again, they say that about everything! But I was desperate, so I gave it a go.

I learned all that I could about the platform and put all my knowledge to the test.

Would you believe me if I told you that my traffic shot up by over 300% in 90 days only?!

 Coz that’s exactly what happened.

My Results

In less than one year, I hit 2 million monthly views.

Pinterest became my #1 source of traffic, increasing every month.

And it only takes me 1 day a month—ONE DAY. Now, let that sink in.

What 90% of all online marketers and businesses are missing out on? Pinterest is the UNDERDOG of online marketing.

The majority of people are hangin’ out on Instagram and TikTok coz well, they’re trendy and sexy. But they aren’t designed to drive traffic to your website like Pinterest can. In fact, Pinterest is unlike any other social media platform out there. 

How? I’ll let you in on a secret…

Pinterest is NOT a social media platform; it’s a powerful search engine!

Think of Pinterest more like a visual version of Google as opposed to Instagram or TikTok.

Social media platforms are made for… being social. Go figure. They’re not designed to send traffic to your website. In fact, their goal is the complete opposite: to keep your audience and potential customers locked in their platform for as long as possible. 

Not to mention that your content is only seen by at most 10% of your audience and has a shelf life of 24 hours—if that??

Pinterest, on the other hand, rewards businesses and content creators by allowing pins and content to be shared over and over again. Its shelf life can be from weeks to years! One of my top pins was a blog post I wrote over two years ago!

When you have an audience of thousands delivered directly to your website, there’s no limit to what you can do! You can stop relying on external social platforms, get them onto your email list, and turn them into superfans who can’t wait to buy your products or services. All on YOUR TERMS, algorithm free.

There’s more… Did you know that Pinterest users use the platform to make buying decisions?

That means you have access to people ready and eager to buy. So, if you can position your business on the platform, there’s no reason why you can’t have a slice of the pie!

And FYI, Pinterest has a 76% female audience, and over 50% earn $70K/year. No wonder the dudes have missed this one! #girlpower

It isn’t just recipes, home decor, and DIY bloggers making it big on Pinterest in 2024. In fact, there are limitless profitable niches. Anything from curly hair care and social media tips to yoga workouts, plus some really out-there stuff…

It’s all there, attracting traffic and making money. And there’s a lot more to love about Pinterest, too…

Some Pinpressive Stats...


monthly active users (5.3% WP)


2023 Q3 revenue year-on-year growth ($763m)


female, 40% new signups men


Pinterest predictions came true in the last four years


use Instagram


of pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy


earned by 45% US users


users say Pinterest makes them feel positive


users live outside the US


weekly pinners say they’re always shopping

The bottom line is…

You can drive traffic to your business and turn your audience into paying customers on autopilot.

It’s more than possible, and others just like you are already doing it. And with my help, you can too…

This could be you 90 days from now

“Instead of churning content out endlessly, I now create less - but of a higher quality – that pays me back in traffic for months on end.”

“Pinterest is now the #1 source of traffic to my website.”

“I have people signing up to my mailing list on a daily basis. Insta Algorithm eat your heart out!”

“I now spend most of my time building relationships with my mailing list subscribers, who’ve become raving fans of my offers!”

“If I could go back in time, I’d tell myself that having a successful business is less about doing #allthethings and more about streamlining sourcing, nurturing, and closing clients.”

“I can actually switch off and be present with my family coz my business is working for me. Best. Feeling. Ever.”



Pin to Profit Blueprint

Skyrocket your traffic and sales

Pin To Profit Blueprint is an online course designed to help you implement a foolproof Pinterest strategy. It contains a complete game plan for increasing website traffic and turning your audience into paying customers.

1: Stand Out From The Crowd

No more posting content and just hoping that someone sees it. You’ll learn how to outsmart the algorithm so your content gets featured in the Smart Feed and seen by thousands.  

2: Attract Your Ideal Clients

When you speak to everybody, you speak to nobody. I’ll show you how to focus messaging on your perfect client and have them saying “OMG, it’s like you read my mind!”  

3: Create Pins That Engage

Not sure how to create a well-designed pin that actually engages people? By the end of the course, you’ll be whipping up top-performing pins in minutes!  

4: Capture Your Audience

What good is having traffic but no real ‘audience’? You’ll learn how to turn visitors into leads (email subscribers) so you can build a relationship with them on your terms, algorithm-free.  

5: Convert Fans Into Buyers

Overcome the final hurdle of your funnel by turning your audience into paying customers on autopilot. I’ll guide you in setting up your email marketing strategy and writing copy that sells. 

Based on my Proven Pinterest Funnel Framework

What this course is and what it is not

This course is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But if you put in the work and learn the strategies I teach, you will get results.

This course is for you if...

  1. Your time is limited and precious
  2. You own an online biz, product-based or service-based business
  3. You're an influencer, blogger, or small business owner
  4. You are done with using the wrong strategies to drive traffic
  5. You’re an implementer, go-getter and action-taker 

Highly recommend Sahar and her guidance, support and knowledge! It’s about so much more than just Pinterest, she truly helps you to focus on your vision, business and yourself. I’ve had amazing results from putting everything I have learnt into practise, and really enjoying the process too! Sahar is so warm, friendly and supportive and has created a wonderful community of other small business owners to support each other too. Thank you Sahar!

Rachel Guest
Aquamarina Beauty

What's inside

Core course modules, workbooks, toolkits, templates, and more! Here’s everything you get:

Course Workbook to solidify learning and implementation

Done for you Smartsheet & Analytics templates

Mobile, tablet & laptop friendly

Work at your own pace

Lifetime access with latest Pinterest algorithm updates

Access to the Pin to Profit Blueprint Pinterest Group Board

Access the Tailwind Scheduling App Free Forever Plan

The Pin To Profit Blueprint Curriculum

The Pin To Profit Blueprint course equips you with simple, effective strategies to grow your traffic and profits. Plus, it helps you master the key principles and foundations of Pinterest marketing, making you unstoppable.

Course Modules

Module 1 - The Big Picture
The Pinterest Funnel Framework and how to use it to attract your ideal clients and stand out from the crowd
  • Discover strategies to make your pins and content get noticed by your target audience
  • Gain a deep understanding of your ideal clients' needs, interests, and behaviours on Pinterest
  • Master the key stages of my proven Pinterest marketing funnel 
  • Properly setup and optimise your Pinterest business account for maximum impact
  • Implement rich pins to enhance your pins with additional metadata and drive more engagement
Module 2 - Ninja Pinterest Strategies: The top Pinterest strategies to outsmart the algorithm and get your content seen by the masses
  • Explore the different pin types and formats to maximise engagement and reach
  • Learn proven best practices for creating and scheduling pins that drive results
  • Optimise your pins and boards for search engine visibility to get discovered by more users
  • Strategies to organise and optimise your Pinterest boards for maximum impact
  • Implement SEO best practices on your blog to boost your content's visibility on Pinterest
  • Detailed walkthrough demonstrating how to put the ninja strategies into action
Module 3 - Scheduling & Automation: How to apply automation to get back your time and work 1 day per month on your Pinterest strategy!
  • Introduction to the importance and benefits of scheduling and automating your Pinterest marketing
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of how to effectively use Tailwind to schedule and automate your pins
Module 4 - Collaboration Game Plan: How to Implement a collaboration game plan to supercharge your growth
  • Introduction to the power of collaboration on Pinterest and overview of the game plan
  • Learn strategies for finding, joining, and leveraging relevant group boards to expand your reach
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of using Tailwind Communities to collaborate with other pinners and amplify your content
Module 5 - Pinterest Analytics: The importance of analytics to fine-tune your strategy and do more of what works
  • The importance and power of Pinterest analytics for optimising your strategy
  • Detailed walkthrough of the key Pinterest analytics reports and how to interpret the data
  • Learn how to set up and analyse key performance indicator (KPI) reports to measure Pinterest marketing success
  • Establish an optimised pinning routine and schedule based on analytics insights
Module 6 - H.O.O.C. Profit Maximisation Blueprint: How to turn your pins to profit using the Pinterest Maximisation Blueprint
  • Why blogging is a great strategy for Pinterest Marketing and how to create one that will attract your ideal clients
  • Create the highest converting freebies and use them to capture your perfect clients
  • Email marketing strategies to build a strong relationship with your audience
  • How to use copywriting to persuade your audience and turn them into paying customers

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Included with Pin to Profit Blueprint!

Smartsheet & Analytics template
Value £47

Included with Pin to Profit Blueprint!

Save up to 65% on the Pin To Profit Blueprint when you sign up today.

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This course picked me up exactly where I was and gave me sound strategies, tactics and tools that I can apply immediately. I learned in 3 weeks what would have taken me 3 years to learn by myself. I gained the confidence to use Pinterest for my own business and I’m excited for everything ahead.

Laura Feinhold
Personal Trainer

Let’s sum it up

Here’s everything you'll get in Pin to Profit Blueprint 

Course Modules:

  • Module 1: How to Attract Your Ideal Customers + Stand Out From the Crowd (VALUE £97)
  • Module 2: Ninja Pinterest Strategies (VALUE £97)
  • Module 3: Scheduling & Automation (VALUE £97)
  • Module 4: Collaboration Game Plan (VALUE £97)
  • Module 5: Pinterest Analytics (VALUE £97)
  • Module 6: H.O.O.C. Profit Maximisation Blueprint (VALUE £297)

Added Bonuses on Top:

  • Lifetime Course Access (PRICELESS!)
  • Course Workbook
  • 2 Templates: Smart Sheet Workflow Template + Pinterest Analytics Template (VALUE £47)
  • Pin to Profit Blueprint Group Board Access
  • 100 Free Pins on the Tailwind Scheduling App (VALUE £8)
  • Pinterest Dashboard for Google Analytics (VALUE £17)

Total Pin to Profit Blueprint Value

£850 ($1,180 approx)

I hope you realise the incredible value you’ll get in this program. These numbers are not inflated - they’re an honest and true estimate. And frankly, if you’re serious about Pinterest success, the knowledge you’ll get from this course is priceless!

Get started today and choose the right plan for you.

Super Flex Plan
(45% off)


per month for 10 months

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Flex Plan – Most Popular (50% off)


per month for 3 months

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Full Payment – Best Value (65% off)


one time payment

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I've taken a lot of courses to get my business off the ground and none as fruitful as this one has been. Sahar is the real deal and this is a worthwhile investment.

Valencia Heidemann
Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

The alternative option?

Pay someone more for something you can do yourself


Hire a Pinterest Expert (Like Me)

Granted, this is a great option if you can afford it. But for the same price of one session with a consultant, you could instead learn everything they know and watch your traffic and sales skyrocket for one hour’s worth of work per week. #nobrainer


Hire a Pinterest Freelancer

This is a more affordable option, but a freelancer might not understand your brand identity or voice like you do. While some freelancers can help increase your traffic, they won’t turn that traffic into paying customers. So you’ll have to figure that out yourself anyway. 

Still on the fence? Imagine this...

  • Not having to endlessly create content but instead using it more strategically.
  • Putting in an hour a week and letting Pinterest drive the traffic for you in your sleep.
  • Not having to spend HOURS on social media only for a handful of people to click through to your website.
  • Working on your business with peace of mind, knowing you have a system in place to drive traffic.
  • Being an early adopter of Pinterest marketing and taking a big slice of the cake before it becomes oversaturated like Instagram.
  • Letting your business work FOR YOU and bring in new prospects every single day.
  • Saving your precious time so you can spend it however you wish, be it with your family or focusing on the needle-moving tasks in your biz.
  • Having lifetime access to the latest Pinterest algorithm updates! 

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Still on the fence? Let’s remove the risk. Pin To Profit Blueprint comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide it isn’t for you, just let me know within 30 days of purchase. I’ll sort out a complete refund, no questions asked. 

Why wait to put Pinterest to work growing your biz?

Pin To Profit will teach you all you need to master the science of building a profitable Pinterest business. Don’t delay! It won’t be long before EVERYONE catches on to Pinterest’s unlimited potential.

Super Flex Plan
(45% off)


per month for 10 months

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Flex Plan – Most Popular (50% off)


per month for 3 months

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Full Payment – Best Value (65% off)


one time payment

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Save up to 65% on The Pin To Profit Blueprint when you sign up today. So many creative entrepreneurs are already leveraging the power of Pinterest, so why wait??

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